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Paella Gas Burner Fitting

We have found that the Campmaster Regulator Hose works well with the Paella Gas Burners.  The can be purchased at Bunnings and other stores as well as online and the prices vary from $20 to $40 depending on the one your purchase.

They come with varying hose lengths (600mm and 1000mm) and are have both inlets, namely:-

  • QCC1 (gas bottle has large external thread)
  • POL  (gas bottle has large internal thread)

The outlet is: 1/4 BSP
The Hose is: 8 mm L.P.Gas Hose AS/NZS 1869-A W.P. 7 KPa AGA 6269 0904

To fit you will need to use a seal tape on the Paella Gas Burner.

We are not qualified Gas Fitters, so we will not supply these fittings.  If in any doubt please seek advise from a qualified Gas Engineer/Fitter.

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