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Sangria Recipe

We are often asked for a recipe for Sangria.  Basically the art of producing the perfect Sangria is to disguise the taste of alcohol with fruit…  This works well and has been we received at many parties.

All you need is one “big” bowl and…

a) One bottle of Red Wine
 b) Half a Bottle of Gin or Vodka
 c) 1.5 Litre Bottle of Cider (or Sparking Apple Juice – lemonade is also acceptable)
 d) 1/2 Litre of Fresh Orange Juice
 e) Chopped Apple, Banana and Orange and Ice…

Instructions… throw it all into a bowl and enjoy.

If nervous, simply make up in a small quantity and test prior to going for the big bowl… remeber the ice will melt and dilute the mixture….

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