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Paella Ingredients

In order to ensure the best Paella everytime, we only use quality ingredients.  When choosing seafood, it's of upmost importance that the ingredients used are of the highest quality.  We use only one supplier for all our seafood requirements and never comprimise on quality.
Taking mussels grown in the pristine waters of New Zealand, we only use gourmet muscles that have been inspected, washed and partially de-bearded.  The mussels are placed in a plastic pouch, which is vacuum packed before being cooked under pressure at high temperature in a steam retort (industrial pressure cooker). Natural flavours are captured and retained through this process while food safety and product shelf life are enhanced.

We recomend using the great juices present in this package in the Paella

New Zealand Littleneck Clams are sourced from a sustainably managed fishery in New Zealand's pure Golden Bay. They are then bathed in natural seawater to release any grit before being pouched and cooked in a similar process to the mussels. Again natural flavours are captured and retained while food safety and product shelf life are enhanced. The delicate Littleneck clam shell, is a great accompaniment to any Paella

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