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Bomba Rice

Bomba rice is best rice of Calasparra, considered essential by the best Spanish restauradores and adorns the tables of the best restaurants.

Bomba rice is an ancient strain of rice that matures very slowly. It is grown in fresh mountain water around the town of Calasparra in Murcia, using aqueducts built by the Romans and Moors.

What makes Bomba rice specials is that the rice is an exceptionally dehydrated grain when it is harvested, as it's taken a long time to mature.

This enables the Bomba Rice to 30% more broth than ordinary Calasparra Rice. When cooking it will increase 100% is both length and thickness and can absorbs in paellla up to 5 litres of broth to 1kg of rice without it losing it's texture or flavor.

Rice is the most important ingredient in paella. This special paella rice is very different from Italian Arborio rice, which is bred to be creamy, and Asian rice, which is meant to be sticky. Substitution of these strains will result in a soupy or mushy paella.

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