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Orange Juicers

Automatic Orange Juicer


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Automatic and versatile orange juicer, suitable for being installed in any type of business. These machines stand out for being manufactured in Stainless Steel, their strength, functionality and easy handling
Technical Data
- Production 20-25 fruits/min
- Feeder Capacity 6-7 fruits
- Storage Basket 4kg of fruit
- Fruit Diameter Up to 85mm
- Consumption 300w
- Voltage 230-100v/50-60Hz
- Security Automatic Off Switch Sensors
- Net Weight 36.3kg
- Dimension 47L x 37D x 73.5H (cm)
General Characteristics
- Semi-automatic feeding
- Controlled pressure squeezing
- Manufactured in Stainless Steel
- Easy Cleaning, Handling and Versatile

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