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Paella Wine and Beer Matches

Paella is a complex dish, with many ingredients and layers of flavours, so the range of wines and beers that complement it is wide. Traditionally, the Spanish accompany Paella with a rosé or a crisp Spanish white wine such as albariňo. Lovers of sparkling wines could try a good Spanish cava and red wine fans might favour a light Spanish rioja. Nearer to home there are excellent red and white wines from Chile or Argentina.
Wines from down under go very well with Paella too. Depending on the variety of Paella you are cooking, try rosé, pinot gris, a lighter pinot grigio or arneis with a seafood Paella. Viognier and verdelho are also great alternatives, as is a good, dry-ish bubbly. If you're seeking a spicy, aromatic note to complement Paella's wonderful seasonings, try gewürztraminer. And again, if red is your thing, choose an easy-drinking one - but nothing too heavy.
In Valencia, the home of Paella, the beer of choice is often the local brand Estrella De Levante from Murcia, or other good Spanish beers such as Ambar from Zaragoza. Or simply choose your own favourite pale ale, lager or pilsner - they all make a refreshing contrast with Paella. And so too, of course, does a good, dry Spanish fino sherry.

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